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The Weekly Chatter For August 4, 2014

A Higher Standard

Companies are nothing without their customers. Yet most of us have likely had interactions with our service providers where they have treated us worse than someone may treat an unwanted pet. The end result is an alienated customer left with the same shattered feeling one has if their home or automobile has been burglarized. A helpless desperation persists, perhaps extenuated through being trapped in an unescapable contract, or true lack of a better alternative. But how good are the long-term chances that such a service provider will retain you as a customer? How strong is your incentive to be a voluntary ambassador for them, extolling their virtues to friends, family and colleagues? They are probably not very good at all; doubtful at best. Customers may feel the onus is on service providers to provide them with top-notch service in exchange for their payment and choice, and the best providers will indeed take on that responsibility on their own. When we choose a provider, however, the responsibility really lies with us to hold them to a higher standard, and to make the move away from them if they don't meet the standard no matter how difficult the process may be. Sure, some may believe the squeaky wheel always gets the grease, and the only way to assert your will with a provider is through being mean and nasty. But anyone who has applied these methods with any frequency knows that such methods are more commonly met with indifference, and are more or less generally ineffective. A customer's real strength is their ability to sever the tie, close off their wallet, and let everyone know about their experience so others can avoid it too.

One of our company's primary strengths has been the higher standard of customer service and technical support to which we hold ourselves. Our hope is that our standard is equal to or greater than that which our customers would hold for us. If it's not, we expect our customers to let us know. We look at our paying customers, their users, and the licensees and users of our free chat services, all as customers deserving of the same level of service. Although our ParaChat Enterprise customers receive a different level of service in the form of a dedicate account representative, our support team does not distinguish between paying customers or free users. Our support team is highly proficient in virtually all aspects of ParaChat, and several team members have been providing support for ParaChat software for over 10 years! During such a lengthy tenure, an incredible wealth of information about ParaChat has been constructed. Our support team, customer base and user base alike draw upon it every day. The ParaChat Software Documentation is the definitive resource for ParaChat software, and has been continuously built since the software's inception in 1996. The Documentation is searchable, and covers all aspects of ParaChat, including user guides, customer portal, features, customization, management, administration, security, database options, third-party integration modules, and much more. Whether you are a customer with access to code and administrative features, or a user who wants to learn more about end-user functionality, the Documentation is definitely the place to start. Commonly asked questions that focus on particular aspects of ParaChat software and services are located in our Knowledgebase, a searchable collection of hundreds of informative articles and video tutorials that is not to be missed. Our Knowledgebase is so rich in information that it gets more traffic from organic search engine results than it does from our own customers and users!

The Documentation and Knowledgebase are indeed unbelievably helpful resources, but with such feature-rich and dynamic software, and the need to use time efficiently, we understand the necessity of direct personal and prompt assistance from a human being. The first level of support we provide is an advanced ticketing system. The ticketing system serves a variety of key purposes. First, you receive an instant reply that informs you that we received your inquiry successfully, accompanied by a ticket number you can use for tracking purposes. It also allows us to ensure that our support team handles inquiries on a first-come, first-served basis, and to permanently store a complete support ticket history on your account so we don't need to ask you the same questions twice, and you don't have to ask the same questions again. The ticketing system is important because much of the information we request enroute to solving an issue is text heavy, as well as the information that we provide that may provide the solution. Once a ticket has been opened, our support team managers will determine if an inquiry is better handled by telephone. So be prepared to include a valid callback number when you establish a support account to ensure the fastest response. A proficient technical sales team is also available via telephone, live chat and ticketing system to address any pre-sales questions you may have. We are well aware that our business depends on you, and hopefully our level of commitment to your satisfaction is extremely evident. Thank you for choosing ParaChat as your chat solution! We look forward to serving you!

Java 7 Update 67 Released

This week, Oracle released a minor update to Java. Oracle had just recently released Java 7 Update 65 on July 15, but it created an issue for some Web Start and Applet applications that prevented their ability to launch. Please note that ParaChat software was not impacted by this issue. According to the official blog post from Oracle, "This issue only affects some Rich Internet Applications and does not impact client or server-side applications. Java 7 update 67 is a functionality release: it is not a security fix or Critical Patch." In the past, some platforms have blocked any version of Java other than the latest, so we recommend updating your computer's Java even though you may not have been impacted by the issue it remedies. Oracle also provided release notes for this release of Java.

ParaChat notifies its customers and users about updates to peripheral applications such as Java via its Facebook page and Twitter feed. If you have not yet liked or followed our social media resources, we encourage you do so today. ParaChat provides a selection of client-side user interfaces so that users can choose for themselves which user interface best suits their own needs. One of the user interfaces is a Java chat client, which is the client with the most end-user functionality. For the best security, we recommend users keep their computer's Java up to date, and to uninstall any old versions of Java that may still be installed.

ParaChat Feature In Focus: Chat Client Type Selector on the Log-in Panel

We offer our users something that no other chat service provider offers -- a choice. When a user arrives at the ParaChat log-in panel, they will discover a Java, Flash and HTML/Mobile choice directly below the user name input field. A user may simply select the technology that best suits their own desire by clicking the appropriate radio button, and then connect to ParaChat with that client by inputting a user name of their own choosing, and clicking the Connect button. It literally could not be easier! More information...

Thanks for chatting, and we'll see you again next week!

The ParaChat Team

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