Monday, July 7, 2014

The Weekly Chatter For July 7, 2014

Community Chat By Numbers

Most of the live chat conversations our sales team have are with newcomers to our web site doing their chat software due diligence. These visitors are seeking to quickly and succinctly differentiate between each of our community chat service levels, and then compare those service levels with our competition. Our web site, knowledgebase and documentation are laden with grids, images and information to make the decision-making process unburdensome, but there is truly no substitute for instant live help in the ultra-fast pace of today's information flow. Although this would otherwise be an incredible segue into the virtues of ParaChat LiveHelp, we want to instead place the key differentiators between each of our community chat service levels into focus. Our sales team has a wealth of expertise in explaining each of our service levels in brief, rapid bursts at the moment a prospective customer is fully engaged. We will indeed draw upon their experience in keeping this information concise, but this particular forum affords an opportunity to provide a few more details at a slightly reduced tempo. Each of our service levels has their own nuances for sure, but the top-level differentiators are usually enough information for a prospective customer to lock in on one service level in particular.

The first key differentiator involves free versus paid services. Our free services are supported by advertisements. Our paid services are supported by software license fees, have no advertisements, and are embeddable into your own web site. Right away, there are two distinct prongs. ParaChat Basic and ParaChat BasicPlus are our two free, ad-supported service levels. BasicPlus is different from Basic because BasicPlus includes access to an abundance of admin features and customization options that are simply not supported by Basic. It's really important to understand that our advertisement placements are intentionally unintrusive to the chat environment. Many ad-supported services will intentionally obstruct the chat's core functionality, but we have no interest in that. Usability is paramount to ParaChat, and we do not sacrifice it in exchange for ad revenue. Most customers who are seeking a free chat service from ParaChat will choose ParaChat BasicPlus, largely due to its free admin tools. ParaChat BasicPlus is also the service level we recommend to those seeking a free chat service. When you choose one of our free service levels as your chat solution, up to 200 users can log in at the same time!

The second key differentiator is the user limit, which is the number of users that a customer expects to access their chat service at the same time. Our paid chat service levels are licensed in differing user limit increments to accommodate virtually any number of concurrent user connections that a web site community, or an event, may require. The user limits are flexible; many prospective customers simply have no idea how many users will access their service until they have built a history over time. We understand that, and have built that into our pricing model. The key number of simultaneous users is 200. Once again, there are two distinct prongs. If you expect fewer than 200 users to access your ParaChat service at the same time, consider ParaChat Standard or ParaChat Professional as your chat solution. We license each in 10, 25, 50, 100 and 200 user increments. If you expect greater than 200 users to access your ParaChat service at the same time, then consider ParaChat Enterprise as your chat solution (or ParaChat Event for one-time or short-term use).

The third and final key differentiator is the inclusion or exclusion of advanced features like chat transcripts, the event moderation tool for managing Q&A, secure encrypted chat, multiple permanent rooms, multiple site-level administrators, and full access to all customization options. If none of these advanced features are important to the management and administration of your chat community, then you may wish to consider ParaChat Standard as your chat solution. ParaChat Standard does not support any of these advance features, and there is no method to add them (apart from upgrading to a service level that does support them). If one or more of these advanced features is important to you, then you would need to consider ParaChat Professional or ParaChat Enterprise/Event as your chat solution, depending upon the number of users you need to access your ParaChat service at the same time. If a prospective customer knows whether they want a free chat service or not, has a general idea of the number of users who may log into their chat service at the same time, and whether a short list of advanced features are important or not, then they can easily choose a specific ParaChat community chat service level as their chat solution. And if they don't know, well there is no cause for concern or distress. Since there are no contracts or set-up fees, our customers are welcome to upgrade and downgrade their service at the end of any license period. Try it before you buy it too!

Webmaster Tool: Free Upload/Download Speed Test 

If your Internet connection seems slower than normal, a variety of factors could be at play. Before contacting your Internet Service Provider, it may be helpful to run a Speed Test. A Speed Test is a free analytical tool that tests your Internet connection speed against different servers around the world by sending and receiving packets of data. Tests are conducted over HTTP, just like normal web browsing. Once the test has been completed, your connection's download and upload speeds will be presented to you. You may use this information to compare your connection speed with others who use your Internet Service Provider, or to alert your Internet Service Provider of a potential issue with your Internet connection. Check your speed now!

World Cup Live Chat

Last week, we had World Cup Fever. OK, so we may still have World Cup Fever this week, but our temperature has been reduced by a degree or two after the elimination of the United States by Belgium. Firstly, our congratulations to Belgium on a well-deserved victory. Secondly, our congratulations to Argentina for beating Belgium. Such is life. By the publication of our next newsletter, the World Cup 2014 will be history. But we are greatly looking forward to watching Brazil, Germany, Netherlands and Argentina compete for the championship! Please join us and other fans in our World Cup live chat room during the remainder of the tournament. See you there!

Keep the chat love alive, and we'll see you again next week!

The ParaChat Team

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