Monday, July 14, 2014

The Weekly Chatter For July 14, 2014

Make Your Event a World Event Too

Now that the World Cup tournament is over, we have an opportunity to reflect on this amazing event as a whole. Regardless of whether your country's team was eliminated in a semi-final, quarter-final, round of 16, or earlier, most agree that the World Cup in Brazil was extremely entertaining. Congratulations are in order to Germany, who not only hoisted the Cup for the first time since 1990, but also ended a European drought of World Cup victories in the Americas. Argentina and Netherlands, the second and third place finishers respectively, are also well-deserving of congratulations for their tournament performances. Not to be left out is host nation, Brazil! Although they finished in a disappointing fourth position after routs by both Germany and Netherlands, the nation can hold its collective head high for throwing the best party of the year. After all, Brazil has still won the World Cup more times than any other nation, and are also playing host to the upcoming 2016 Summer Olympic Games. We think the world will never tire of the seemingly endless beautiful vistas offered by Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana, and, well, just about everywhere there.

We offered a special chat room for World Cup fans to chat live with other fans during the tournament. The World Cup Live Chat room was added to our network of free rooms so that not only regular users could navigate into and out of the room from other rooms in the network, but also new users who were drawn into the World Cup Live Chat room could be introduced to the other regular users of the network. The network has 1 million unique users per month from over 200 countries! We were pleased (honored, really) to be able to do our small part in bringing the world together for such a stunning and wonderful event. From an organizational perspective, it was a success for ParaChat in many ways. It was an opportunity to introduce new people to our services, to bring old customers and users together with new customers and users, and perhaps even to re-introduce people to the "community chat" concept, which is sometimes bypassed these days by the drab, emotion-twisting narcissism of social networks, and the megalomaniacs who run them. It is both a step back in time, as well as a foray into the near future when social networks will have run their course, and a web presence again becomes a creative outlet for individuals and organizations rather than a point-n-click scrapbook inside of someone else's wrapper.

The live chat room we offered was related to a special world-wide event attended by a world-wide audience. It is estimated that over 1 billion people watched the World Cup final! Special events, regardless of whether your web site or organization is directly or indirectly related to them, provide an incredible opportunity to draw an audience to your web site. Live chat is an aspect of any event that not only draws traffic to a web site, but, even more importantly, retains that traffic for longer durations. ParaChat is an incredible tool to attract and retain visitors, and to manage online chat events of virtually any size. For web sites that hold frequent online events, and also may wish to create and maintain a vibrant online community of passionate fans or patrons, we license our ParaChat Professional and ParaChat Enterprise service levels for ongoing use. For web sites that may focus more on one-time or short-term events, ParaChat Event is the service for you. Each of these ParaChat services include full access to all administrative features and functions, and to a special Event Moderation feature especially designed for managing and controlling question-and-answer style events. Don't miss out on the opportunity to attract and retain visitors, turn visitors into customers, and to generate interest in your mission and revenue from your products and ideas. The world is waiting for you!

Your Foot Odor or Your Password: Which is Stronger? 

First, you can ignore the foot odor part of the question. That is more of a self-test that you will need to take care of on your own. Plus, we don't even need to know the outcome! However, we could not more highly recommend that you safeguard your personal and confidential information using passwords that are extremely hard to guess or crack. When you secure your personal data with strong passwords, you place a barrier between your information and cyber criminals who want to steal it for their own gain, no matter the cost to you. Take a step today toward better protecting the theft of your identity, your money, and your personal information by creating strong passwords. Although no information that you may access online and protect with a password can be guaranteed to be safe, using a very strong password is a great defense. Don't make it easy for your confidential information to be accessed. Lock down your data by creating strong passwords right away.

You may test the strength of a password you are considering by using our Password Meter. As you input your password, view the Score and Complexity information to see if your password is strong. The higher the Score, the stronger your password. If you want the password you are checking to be visible to you, uncheck the Hide checkbox. Try the Password Meter.

Security Alert: Update Adobe Flash

News broke this past week of a new exploit with Adobe Flash. We made ParaChat customers and users aware of this exploit via our Facebook and Twitter pages on the day this information was first released. The exploit could have allowed an attacker to steal log-in credentials to some of the Internet's most popular destinations. It is recommended that users with FirefoxOpera, Safari, and Internet Explorer versions below Internet Explorer 10 should update their computer's Flash installation immediately. Flash should update automatically for users with Chrome and Internet Explorer 10 and 11, but these users may wish to check that Flash has been updated as a precaution. Check our knowledgebase to see which version of Flash you have installed and how you can check if your Flash version is up to date.

Keep the chat love alive, and we'll see you again next week!

The ParaChat Team

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