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The Weekly Chatter For June 9, 2014

Instant Freebie: Try It, Buy It, or Not

ParaChat is software as a service. Our objective is simplicity. For our fee-based services, an order is placed, and then we provide the embed code. The customer publishes the page with the ParaChat embed code to their live web site, then they hope it works as expected and visitors to their web site use it. Done. It would be difficult to make that process any easier. But let's say we try to make it easier by eliminating one of the steps. Let's eliminate the guessing -- the hoping-it-works part, and the hoping-visitors-use-it part. We accomplish this by providing a free instant evaluation of a full version of our software services to anyone who wants to try it, any place on the planet. We want our customers to see first-hand what we've spent 18 years building for them. We want your users to see what you're contemplating as an addition (or as a replacement) to your site for their live interaction, pleasure and entertainment. We put it all on the table, for free, so there is no guesswork. It's either the best thing since sliced Westphalia pumpernickel, or it's bimbo blanco. No matter your preference for yeasty delights, hope has been eliminated as a decision-making component.

Does eliminating guesswork and hope from the decision-making process really make it easier? Just glancing at world-wide divorce statistics is enough to confirm what you already know is true. We want the partnership we have with our customers to last. Our free trials don't provide just a glimpse into ParaChat's workings, and partial access to its functionality. It's not a bread crumb trail laid to lure you toward a paywall through which you have to travel so you can really see its stuff. It is a full version of our service that you may use to make a final decision. Use the evaluation time to make ParaChat a part of your site. Take feedback from users. Ask our support team questions. Know with 100% certainty when you choose ParaChat as your chat solution that you have chosen wisely.

We offer a free, 50-user, 15-day trial of our community chat services. No credit card is requested or required. We are always pleased to increase the user limit and trial duration upon request. Take us up on it. Once your trial period is over, you may simply convert your evaluation into a paid service without any changes to the embed code in your web page, or to any of the customization and administrative settings you have configured during your evaluation period. There is no downtime, and converting your evaluation to production service is seamless to both you and your users. For our live help chat service, ParaChat LiveHelp, every order starts as a free 15-day trial. You can't avoid that. If trying a service for free without any option to pay up front is illegal in your country, then please do not order ParaChat LiveHelp. If if-then statements induce anaphylactic shock, please do not read the previous sentence. We want you to try ParaChat because we know you will like it. We know your users will like it. Together, we can spread more "like" in the world. Or not.

ParaChat Feature In Focus: Service Administration Area 

Perhaps the greatest differentiator between ParaChat and other chat services is ParaChat's amazing volume of useful administrative features. We provide access to hundreds of administrative features for even our free ParaChat BasicPlus service, and entry-level fee-based service, ParaChat Standard. Each time we embark upon competitive analyses, we are amazed by the contrast in administrative functionality afforded by ParaChat over other chat services by comparison. You can spend little or nothing on ParaChat service, and still have access to an unprecedented level of control. The ParaChat service administration area is truly the command center of your ParaChat service, and we want to be certain you experience it while you're conducting chat service due diligence.

Sure, ParaChat is ready to use instantly right out of the virtual box. It is intentional that we initially provide your ParaChat service so it can be deployed "as-is". You can literally have ParaChat working on your site in a matter of minutes, depending upon how fast you are with right-click menus or keyboard commands for copying and pasting. Our administration area offers the best of both worlds. For those who don't want to fuss and tinker with the chat service, ParaChat works great without any tweaking at all. For those who truly want to make ParaChat a seamless part of their web site, and to meticulously fine tune it to accommodate their custom needs, the administration area is the place for you.

The ParaChat service administration area is a secure, web-based, tabbed control panel, the link to which is included in your ParaChat order confirmation email. Depending upon which ParaChat service you order, it will likely be the first place you visit after our main web site. When you initially log in, you land on the aptly named Getting Started tab. The Dashboard tab is next, which provides an at-a-glance view of your current service configuration. Then things get serious with the My Site tab, followed by the My Rooms tab. ParaChat service configuration works in a hierarchy with "Site" level at the top, and "Room" level below it. Site-level settings apply to all rooms under your ParaChat Site ID, and room-level settings override the site-level settings so you may configure your ParaChat service on a per-room basis if you wish. The Users & Databases tab is where local user access is controlled, such as creating administrators, and password-protecting user names, configuring access to ParaChat's option integrated member database, or to connect ParaChat to your own external database. The Voice & Video tab is used for configuring the voice chat and video chat functionality you want to offer your end users. The Mobile tab is used to configure how you want to treat end users who wish to connect to your ParaChat service from any mobile device. You may contact our support team using the Get Support tab, and see available upgrade options and prices from the Upgrades tab. You license ParaChat service from us. When doing so, we place you in control.

Social Scramble

We take the first word or three from each of our posts to Twitter and Facebook in the past week, and scramble them to see if they provide any actionable guidance or enlightenment. Decide for yourself. Do you see an ulterior meaning?:

How can I find out if our Opera visits has what is illegal? Weekends were a bit unusual. It is our TGIF!

Did you find a Social Scramble in our posts with a deeper meaning? Let us know by tweeting @ParaChat with #SocialScramble.

Keep chatting, and see you next week!

The ParaChat Team

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