Monday, June 30, 2014

The Weekly Chatter For June 30, 2014

Independent's Day

If you are lucky enough not be conditioned to look at the calendar in terms of financial quarters, please disregard the fact that this week ends the second quarter of the traditional fiscal year. Yes, somehow, 2014 is half over already, which in today's world means that you should expect to start seeing Christmas advertisements at any time now. On a brighter note, July 4, 2014, falls during this week. In the United States, the country in which ParaChat is located, July 4 is celebrated as Independence Day. July 4 is the date in 1776 in which the Second Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, while convened in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Declaration of Independence is a document that explains the decision made by the Congress to separate from the Kingdom of Great Britain. Although two days earlier on July 2, the Congress approved the resolution on independence that was proposed by Richard Henry Lee of Virginia, the celebration of American independence from Britain has long been associated with the July 4 signing of the Declaration of Independence. The date "July 4, 1776" is emblazoned across the top of this well-known document.

July 4 is a federal holiday here, and is the National Day of the United States. If July 4 falls on a weekday, non-essential federal government offices are closed, and traditionally, banks and many private businesses will also close for a day of celebration. Celebrations include fireworks displays on both a national, state and local level, commonly occurring near centers of government or monuments. It is also a time when families will gather at reunions to watch or participate in parades, attend county fairs, carnivals, circuses, sporting events, music concerts, and barbecues. July 4 falls on a Friday this year, so expect commonly available services provided in the United States to be closed for the entire day. Although ParaChat's sales office will be closed on July 4, our support team will be available for any questions or issues that may arise during this time. We love you, Support Team!

But Independence Day is also a time to relish the fiercely independent spirit for which America has traditionally been well known. It was the start of a new revolution, after all. The American Dream, and our American work ethic, are as closely tied to this independent spirit as they are to the birth of the nation itself. The United States was essentially formed by those who were drawn to its shores in pursuit of freedom, through which prosperity and success were opportunities made available to anyone who wanted to work hard for them. The Declaration of Independence itself says that, "all men are created equal" and have "certain inalienable Rights" such as "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." Regardless of your nationality, this is a time to not only reflect upon this independent spirit that makes each one of us a difference-maker should we decide to act upon our independent thinking, but to rekindle it if needed. The time ahead is as uncertain as it has been at any time in our human history. Independent, critical thinkers: your time has arrived to turn your thoughts into action, a new revolution to awaken those caught in the quagmire of meaningless pursuits for the benefit of the few. To you, Happy Independent's Day!

ParaChat Feature In Focus: Secure Encrypted Chat 

Securing electronic communications over the Internet is more important today than ever before. Ensuring the privacy and security of communications is equally as important as submitting encrypted personal and credit cardinformation during ecommerce transactions. Are your private chat communications being compromised? Guard them with three layers of protection using ParaChat's Secure Encrypted Chat Module.

The first layer consists of encrypting chat messages sent between the ParaChat Client and ParaChat Server. Messages submitted and received through a ParaChat room are encrypted using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which is controlled by ParaChat. Because the ParaChat applet class files are downloaded from a secure web server, there is no cause for concern about having malicious chat code running on a user's computer.

The second layer is through the downloading of the ParaChat Applet Class Files from a secure server. Unlike an installed application (i.e. web browser, email client, IM client), ParaChat's client is a Java applet which is downloaded each time a user loads the web page that contains the applet, and before a user logs in to connect to the chat server. Applet class files are Java code that is executed by Java VM on each user's computer. To ensure the applet class files come from ParaChat, the class files must be downloaded from a secure server owned and operated by ParaChat, and certified as such by a Certificate Authority.

The third layer is embedding the ParaChat room code into a web page that is also downloaded from a secure server. When a web page is served from a secure server, its web address will begin with HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure). HTTPS is ordinary HTTP protocol exchanged over a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypted session. An encrypted connection to a web server protects data in transit between a user's computer and the web server that served the web page.

With three tiers of security working together, your can be confident that your chat messages are secure in transit. For more information, please visit the Secure Encrypted Chat article in our Knowledgebase.

We've Got World Cup Fever!

We are very happy that our home country, the United States, has made it into the World Cup Round of 16. This newsletter will be published in advance of the United States vs. Belgium game, so we obviously don't know the outcome yet. Although we will cheer on our home team to a hopeful victory, we also offer our best wishes to team Belgium, and to our friends and family in Belgium, who will be doing the same for their home team. Join us and other fans in our World Cup live chat room to chat with other fans during the remainder of the tournament!

Keep the chat love flowing, and we'll see you next week!

The ParaChat Team

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