Monday, June 16, 2014

The Weekly Chatter For June 16, 2014

Chat software or chat software?

Successful small businesses have a knack for identifying and targeting niches. Ideally, a business will discover a niche at the niche's inception, before it could even be defined as a niche. Or with even greater good fortune, the niche will discover them. Chat software is certainly a niche market, and as ParaChat first came to market, it was a chat software leader in the Java revolution that was born in 1996. Java 1 was released in January, 1996, and ParaChat was launched in November of the same year. Today, chat software is still considered a corner of a very broad Internet communication market. Yet the term chat software itself no longer means the same thing as it was once defined nearly two decades ago, or more. Online text chat really came to popularity through Internet Relay Chat, which pre-dates the first Java release by 8 years. It's not so much that other programming languages have been developed to compete with Java in such a way that chat software has simply been remolded. Instead, the term chat software has become more commonly synonymous with one-to-one live help applications rather its historical relationship to community, or group, chat.

A search for chat software in any search engine will return more results than anyone could possibly review in a lifetime. But what is noticeable is virtually all of the top results for that keyword combination -- both organic and sponsored -- are related to live help chat software rather than community chat software. With our business, we detected this semantic shift during the course of 2008. During that year, the scale of general inquiries we received about ParaChat began to infer live help chat features that were not present in the type of community chat software we developed and licensed at the time. This basically meant the semantic change related to the keyword search was beginning to draw organic traffic to our site seeking a type of software that we did not offer. By sheer word association, a niche had discovered us. The decision to license a live help chat software was an easy, obvious one to make that year. Rather than abandoning our flagship ParaChat community chat software, we welcomed ParaChat LiveHelp to our product line.

Licensing two completely different services that are both considered to be chat software has not been without its challenges. Placing oneself in the mindset of a licensee seeking a live help chat service is a great deal different than the mindset of one who seeks community chat software. Our web site is essentially divided into two segments to ensure that the new visitor to our site is instantly aware upon their arrival of which route they must take for information about the specific chat software type they are seeking. Of course, there is no substitute for real help when a new potential customer arrives on our site. Our technical sales team is accessible by using our toll-free telephone number posted on every page on our site, via support ticket for tracking and history purposes, and by click-to-chat instant live help using the same ParaChat LiveHelp service we make available for your site too! So no matter whether you are seeking chat software, or chat software, we are here to serve you either way!

ParaChat Feature In Focus: Chat Transcripts 

Often internally referenced as the Great Differentiator, ParaChat's chat transcript feature is one of the most sought after features. Chat transcript log files have been part of ParaChat since its inception. The ability to retain and preserve for posterity the CEO's annual chat, a VIP event with a top recording artist, a moderated event with a tech guru, or the mundane claptrap that ensues when the admin is not present, is essential for many sites, and required by law for others. To protect privacy, chat transcripts are off by default. When turned on, transcript log files are accessible only through your secure ParaChat service administration area, and can only be retrieved manually by a site-level administrator. The files are stored on the chat server for review and retrieval for 30 days, unless the site-level administrator decides to delete them sooner. The site-level administrator can also manually select to have specified chat transcripts emailed, or configure their service to automatically email chat transcripts at the end of each day to an email list that they populate and control.

The chat transcript feature is more than just a log of chat messages. It can be configured to record chat text in dynamic, user-created rooms, record private chat messages, record IP addresses for attribution and after-the-fact administration purposes, timestamps, and to remove unwanted clutter such as join/leave messages, sent sounds, etc. So why do we call it the Great Differentiator? Because chat transcripts are not included with ParaChat Basic/BasicPlus or with ParaChat Standard. If chat transcripts are an important feature for you, then you would need to choose ParaChat Professional as your chat solution, or greater. One of the most popular questions asked of our sales team is if it is possible to add only the chat transcript feature to ParaChat Standard, and if so, how much will it cost? The answer is yes, and the cost is the difference in price between ParaChat Standard and ParaChat Professional! More information...

FREE is our Standard!

We have been giving things away for nearly two decades! ParaChat Standard is no different. We know that when you try it, you will love it. You can order ParaChat Standard for your web site right now, and pay absolutely nothing. Order it, play with it, embed it in your web site, ask our support team questions, interact with your site visitors, take their feedback, pass their feedback on to our support team, try to break it, get grandma addicted to chatting, and really get your feet wet with it. When you order with More information...

Keep chatting, and see you next week!

The ParaChat Team

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