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The Weekly Chatter For May 26, 2014

ParaChat LiveHelp: Be There, Or Be Square
We introduced ParaChat LiveHelp to our product line in 2008. But not necessarily for the reason you might think. ParaChat LiveHelp is our one-to-one live chat software that allows visitors to your web site to chat in real time with a representative of your organization. At least that's the intended use, and the manner in which most of our ParaChat LiveHelp customers utilize the application. Imagine walking into a traditional store and finding noone there to assist you. That's essentially what occurs when a web site does not offer click-to-chat live help -- they leave a potential customer, or even worse, an existing customer, just hanging. Since 2008, however, the number of sites that don't offer a live chat solution seems to outweigh the number that do -- certainly within the customer/member areas it is quite rare not to find this option.

It's two-fold for ParaChat. Not only do we license ParaChat LiveHelp software to other web sites, we gladly use it in all sections of our site. Our main web siteknowledgebase, and documentation all offer a chance to chat live with a ParaChat representative. Not that we needed any convincing, but like any site that offers this service to its customers, members and visitors, we find it indispensable. If visitors are reluctant chatters, ParaChat LiveHelp not only includes automatic Prospect Detection to automatically invite visitors to chat, but allows your agents to proactively engage visitors based on their visible visit history. Your agents can observe and track every visitor as they traverse your site. What's more, even though we love offering a convenient, easy-to-use method for communicating with our visitors, we glean first-hand usability knowledge that we pass directly into the hands of developers, and into our ParaChat LiveHelp customer base as well. It is the best of both worlds.

A handy attribute of ParaChat LiveHelp is that live chat is encrypted over HTTPS. That allows for some non-traditional utilization of the application, and for some creativity. For example, doctors and therapists are able to interact with their patients remotely. Sales agents are able to close sales on the spot by taking credit card or banking information through live chat. Tax advisers and financial analysts offer services for a fee, and can exchange both the fee and the information. Legal entities can exchange confidential information with their clientele. Adult sites...

eBay is also a great place to implement your ParaChat LiveHelp service. Not only can you interact with potential buyers at the moment they are looking at your items, you can track how many visitors look at your listings, and see where they come from too. You can see if they have visited your listings before, and if so, use the Prospect Detection feature to automatically invite them to a live chat, or proactively engage them instantly to drive the sale home. ParaChat LiveHelp deters fraudulent sales because you can see the IP address and geographic location of every visitor. When the PayPal receipt has a Texas address, and the buyer is geographically located in The Ivory Coast, you know you've got a potential problem. Make every sale a smooth sale by KNOWING your remote customer.

Try ParaChat LiveHelp, and be there for your customers, members and visitors when they expect you to be there. Every order starts out as a 15-day free trial, and no credit card information is required. Or, be square!

Camelopardalids A Bust 
On May 23/24, a brand new meteor shower occurred, called the Camelopardalids, which had never been experienced by a living soul on the planet. As it turns out, there is still not a living soul on the planet that experienced the meteor show since it was more or less a no-show. Nonetheless, there was a week full of anticipation and excitement among astrophiles as it was billed as either the meteor shower of the century, or the last time we'll talk about it ever again. As Earth passed through the debris trail left behind by a comet, NASA utilized our ParaChat Event service to offer visitors to their site an opportunity to engage in a live chat with representatives of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office. NASA used ParaChat's event moderation feature to field questions from chatters, and display answers in a Q&A format in the main chat window.

ParaChat Event is our live chat service that we license for one-time or short-term events. We offer ParaChat Event in a single 21-day increment to allow ample time to set-up, practice, hold a successful event, and event post mortem. ParaChat Event is ideal for virtually any short-term online event so that VIPs can interact live with interested parties. More information...

Browser Updates
Our support team encourages users to keep their computer software up to date by posting information in our Facebook and Twitter pages about updates to peripheral applications. Follow us so you don't miss out! If you missed their updates this week, please note that Google released Chrome 35 and Apple released Safari 7.0.4 for Mac OS X. Browser updates are arriving faster than ever, and there is usually a very good reason for that. As always, we encourage you to keep your computer's software up to date all the time, not only for the best ParaChat experience, but for the safety of your system.

Tiptoe Through The True Tips
Because our support team has been inundated with questions both on and off topic about ParaChat, they maintain an area of our Knowledgebase related to webmaster tools. These are free utilities available for webmasters (users too!) to perform functions like how to tell if a site is down, how to look up the geographic location of an IP address, how to check for Internet latency, etc. If you have an eBay account, you likely received an email notification from them this week requesting that you change your password. There are two webmaster tools you may explore that can help you generate a random password, and check to see if the password you have in mind is a worthy password or not. Even if you don't maintain an eBay account, it's not a bad idea to regularly refresh your passwords, and check their strength.

Keep chatting, and see you next week!

The ParaChat Team

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