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The Weekly Chatter For May 12, 2014

Congratulations Graduates! Look Out World!

Our heartiest congratulations to anyone who is taking their next leap forward, no matter whether it is from grade school, middle school, high school, college or grad school. At this time of the year, everyone is pretty much touched in one way or another by the life of a graduating individual. It's true that life is more about the journey than the destination, and there is an army of cliches out there that encompass that ideal. Often it is the benefit of hindsight wherein this realization lies, so our advice to graduates is to tuck this ideal into your bag of tricks, and try to remember to enjoy the ride regardless of what life throws at you.

As you graduate, and move forward to your next challenge, you will be plagued with speeches and advice, both good and bad. At ParaChat, we are a technology company, and tend to be Apple freaks. As such, we are reminded of Steve Jobs' infamous 2005 commencement speech at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA, this time of year. If you are not familiar with it, please take an opportunity to read the transcript or watch the video. If you are familiar with it, perhaps take a moment to enjoy it again.

For those entering the workforce for the first time in the United States, there is a sense of economic recovery that pervades the mainstream media. The Dow has reached an all-time high, and the unemployment rate is at its lowest since 2008. While shooting out resumes, and chasing after job leads, you may find that these rosy numbers don't accurately depict the real situation. So good luck in your pursuits, and when you follow your heart and dreams, the rest will come naturally.

Happy Mother's Day To All Of The Moms! 

We hope you had a great Mother's Day weekend! It's that wonderful time of year when we realize that we all have something in common. Every single one of us came from our mom (well, maybe not Edgar in Engineering, unless orangutan moms count too)! Shouldn't that be enough to bring world peace? Does it really matter that we mostly came from different moms? OK, maybe it's not fair to twist mom's special day of the year into a world peace movement. Or maybe that's just what it should be. At the end of the day, once all of the celebrating is over, the flowers have wilted, the sweets have been eaten, and the guilt of not going to the gym enough creeps back in, we will still need world peace. We've laid down the gauntlet. Moms, bring us world peace by next year, or we're commandeering your special day.

Sure, the spirit of Mother's Day is to pay special tribute to that wonderful person who brought you into the world, and raised you into the amazing person you are today. But what did you really do to thank mom for the gift that you can never return? If you did a truly amazing thing for your mom this year, tell us about it on Twitter @ParaChat with #IStyledMyMom.

Technology: Yahoo! Mail Browser Dependency and Bitly Potential Compromise

As we let you know via our Facebook and Twitter feeds, there are some technology security issues that arose this week that may be peripherally related to your ParaChat service. Please note that these are NOT security issues with ParaChat services, but issues that may impact ParaChat customers and users. We are just keeping you in the loop in case you did not come across these stories while you perused your own news and information resources.

First, Yahoo! Mail announced on May 8 in their blog that their ability to provide users with the safest mail service is inexorably related to web browser technology. As web browser developers release frequent updates to improve their own security and functionality, users will need to keep their web browser applications current if they want fully-functional Yahoo! Mail going forward. We couldn't agree more. Please keep your web browsers up to date!

Next, the link shortening service that you may use to direct traffic to your ParaChat room, or to post shortened links in the ParaChat window, announced in their blog on May 8 that they "learned of the potential compromise of Bitly user credentials." They recommended that you log into your account to "change your API key and OAuth token, reset your password, and reconnect your Facebook and Twitter accounts." Don't wait, just do it now.

ParaChat Customer & User Help Resources Reminder

We offer so many great opportunities to make sure your ParaChat experience is the best possible. If you are a customer needing help, please log into your ParaChat Client Area to open a support ticket for the most prompt response. If you are a user, we also recommend opening a support ticket for the fastest response. Users who have not already done so need to register for a support account in order to open a support ticket. This is absolutely worth it because a complete support ticket history is retained for future review, and you can log in to track your ticket status in the event your email system blocks or filters our responses. For self help, please visit our Knowledgebase and Documentation too.

ParaChat Feature In Focus: Chat Client Type Selector on the Log-in Panel

We offer something to users that no other chat service provides -- a client type selector. When you encounter the ParaChat log-in panel, you see a Java, Flash and HTML/Mobile choice directly below the user name input field. The choice is yours! Simply select the technology that best suits you, and connect to ParaChat with that client. More information...

Keep chatting, and see you next week!

The ParaChat Team

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