Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Internet Explorer 11 and Java 7 Update 51 Bug Fixed

An inadvertent bug in the code we use to detect whether Java is installed on an end user's computer was preventing the Java chat client from loading when Internet Explorer 11 was used with Java 7 Update 51.  The end user would see:

Under these conditions, the dialog would state that the Java plugin was not enabled, but this was not actually the case.  A bug fix was pushed to all ParaChat services on March 27.  Now, end users who choose Internet Explorer 11 as their web browser, and have the latest version of Java installed on their computer, will see the ParaChat log-in panel display normally:

...and the ParaChat Java chat client will load when the Java radio button is selected in our Chat Client Type Selector:

We genuinely apologize to Internet Explorer 11 for blaming you for every problem.  This one was on us!

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