Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bitcoin Accepted Here

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Bitcoin Accepted
We are pleased to now accept Bitcoin as payment for ParaChat service.  Offering Bitcoin as a payment method to our world-wide customers provides an opportunity for you to remit payment more easily, inexpensively and universally than any other method.  We are very pleased to be able to extend such a benefit.  To pay for ParaChat using Bitcoin, simply select BitPay as your payment method during order placement, or when paying an existing invoice.

Choose BitPay
When you choose the BitPay payment method and pay for your order, our billing system will direct you to a bitpay.com invoice page showing a button or QR code to pay for your order.  To submit your Bitcoin payment, either 1) click the Pay with Bitcoin button to launch your Bitcoin wallet, or 2) scan the QR code to launch your Bitcoin wallet. 

BitPay Invoice

The Bitcoin payment address and amount automatically display in your Bitcoin wallet.  Complete your order by sending the payment to the Pay To address.

Bitcoin Wallet

Once you have submitted your payment, you will be automatically directed back to the ParaChat site.  Due to the exchange rate calculation, an unpaid BitPay invoice will automatically expire 15 minutes after it is generated.  If you do not submit your Bitcoin payment within the 15 minute timeframe, simply use the Back button in your web browser so the invoice can be calculated at the most up-to-date exchange rate (or log into your ParaChat account and click the Pay Now button on the invoice).


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