Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The new "This application will be blocked" yellow warning box

On October 15, 2013, Oracle released Java 7 Update 45.  When an end user loads the signed ParaChat Java chat client after updating their Java version to Java 7 Update 45, they may notice a new yellow warning box within the Do you want to run this application? dialog.  The yellow warning box contains a message that says This application will be blocked in a future Java security update because the JAR file manifest does not contain the Permissions attribute:

Signed JAR file manifest

Please note that this is a known issue that will be resolved on October 16, 2013, when the ParaChat JAR file manifest is updated to contain the Permissions attribute.  Once this ParaChat JAR file has been updated, the yellow warning box will no longer display in the Do you want to run this application? signed Java chat client dialog.

For related information, please also see the I see "Do you want to run this application?". What should I do? article, and the video here.


  1. Its already the 18th and the problem hasn't been fixed.

  2. It was resolved on the 16th. You may need to clear your web browser's cache of temporary files, close all of your open web browser windows, then load the web page where the room code is embedded in a new web browser window to view the change (or view the page in an alternate web browser where the chat files have not been cached). If your issue persists, please open a support ticket.