Monday, October 21, 2013

Do you want to run this application? Yes, you do!

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ParaChat has offered a signed, or trusted, Java chat applet to ParaChat Professional and ParaChat Enterprise customers for many years.  A signed applet is typically a low-risk Java application with a valid certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority.

In October 2013, the default ParaChat Java chat applet became a signed Java applet for all of our service levels.  Recent Java updates have improved the security of Java applets, and this information will show you what to expect when you select the ParaChat Java chat user interface option from our log-in panel.

Log-in Panel

When you input a user name, select the Java chat user interface radio button, and click Connect, you will see a Java dialog display that asks, Do you want to run this application?

Signed Applet

You'll know the application is ParaChat when you see...

Name:  ParaChat
Publisher:  ParaChat Group
Location:  a URL with a "" domain name

Once you confirm the name, publisher and location as originating from ParaChat, click the Run button to log into the chat room.  The signed Java chat applet provides you with an opportunity to stop the display of the Do you want to run this application dialog every time you want to access ParaChat.  To stop the dialog from displaying, just check the Do not show this again for apps from the publisher and location above check box before you click the Run button.

After you click Run, the Java chat room loads normally. 

ParaChat Room

The next time you visit the chat room, the Do you want to run this application? dialog will no longer display -- you are connected right away.

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