Friday, August 30, 2013

Apple Again Blocks Older Java Versions

Apple has reportedly blocked older versions of Java, which is a course of action they have taken in the past.  Apple has used XProtect, OS X's anti-malware system, to remotely block Java 6 versions below update 51, and Java 7 versions below update 25, due to an "unspecified vulnerability".

The solution is to update your computer's Java to the latest version.

With regard to the impact of this circumstance on ParaChat customers and users who run Mac OS X 10.6 and greater, please log in via the ParaChat Flash chat client, the ParaChat Mobile chat client, or the ParaChat iOS app.  

Although we DO NOT RECOMMEND OR ENDORSE THE FOLLOWING, it is possible to edit the XProtect list to unblock your current Java versoin.  To do so, open Terminal and navigate to:


Using vi, open XProtect.meta.plist.  XProtect.meta.plist is a read-only file, and you must edit the file as root.  To unblock the version of Java you require, change to a value that is lower than the Java you require.


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