Thursday, March 14, 2013

ParaChat Software Update Focuses on Administration -- Gag By IP Address

The March 2013 ParaChat software update focuses on improving chat room security through the addition of new administrative functions.  The chat room administrator's job is not only to help steer the conversation along relevant topic lines, but to induce applicable levels of civility among users, to offer a safe and conducive chat environment, and to extend consequences to users who may breach chat room protocols and etiquette that have been established.  New administrative tools in our latest software update will aid administrators with their tasks.  This article highlights one of the new features; the ability to gag users by IP address.

Gag Users By IP Address
One of the most effective tools in the administrator's arsenal is the Gag feature.  Gagging a user prevents their chat messages from displaying to other users in the public chat window (although a gagged user will see their own messages).  Previously, only active users could be gagged while logged into the chat room.  Now, a user's IP address can be gagged so that the user remains gagged any time they log into the chat room.   A user's IP address can be gagged while they are actively logged into the chat room from the chat room's Admin Console:

...or can be manually added to the Gagged IPs list from the chat room's Admin Console:

Permission levels can be configured to restrict access to these new Admin Console features for "operator" administrators using the existing Site Operator Permissions For GUI Admin Console feature in the web-based ParaChat service administration area.

The Gagged IPs list itself is managed from the service administration area under Site-Wide Gagged IPs:

IP addresses that have been gagged from the chat room's Admin Console will display in the Gagged IPs list.  Site-level administrators may manually add IP addresses to this list to gag user IP addresses at any time, and may ungag user IP addresses by deleting them from this list.

We will highlight additional administrative features included in our March 2013 software update in our next post!

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