Thursday, January 24, 2013

ParaChat Client Types -- You're In Control

Flexibility and customizability have always been hallmarks of ParaChat software during its 16-year existence.  Our development philosophy has always leaned toward making the software ready to use right out of the virtual box with few or no changes required.  In fact, most customers implement their ParaChat service with just a simple copy/paste, with no other customization made.  That is due, in part, to the close relationship we have with our customers and users.  Through our ongoing dialog and exchange of information and ideas, customers are largely satisfied with ParaChat's default configuration.  Thank you for letting us know what you want -- customer and user feedback is our primary development fuel.

But providing ParaChat software in a ready-to-use, as-is format is just half the battle won.  Our development philosophy is also to allow virtually any default configuration to be easily modified by our customers to serve their needs, not ours.  A perfect example of this flexibility is found in the recent edition of the user interface selector to our software.  By default, ParaChat software displays a user interface choice on the log-in panel of every room.

Although we have chosen to display these user interface choices on the log-in panel, the final choice actually lies with you, the customer.  Through the web-based service administration area, you have the option to select which of these choices should display, if any.

Given ParaChat's long history on the Internet, and the long-term customer base we serve, we realize that it may be difficult or impossible to place this form of ParaChat client interface on your web sites.  As a result, we are committed to retaining support for the legacy ParaChat client interfaces deployed across the web.  We make that legacy room code available via your ParaChat service administration area.

Just expand Legacy Room Code under Display Room Codes to generate the room code you want to implement in your web page.  Look for the introduction of our HTML5 chat client later this year!

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