Thursday, January 17, 2013

Link ParaChat to your Facebook and Twitter accounts

Driving traffic from your web site to your social networks is a vital practice.  Now you can utilize ParaChat as another platform to drive that traffic by promoting your social network presence right on your ParaChat log-in panel. When visitors to your web site visit the web page where you have embedded ParaChat, the log-in panel of the ParaChat user interface will load instantly.  When you choose to display the Facebook and/or Twitter icons on your log-in panel, users have an opportunity to learn of your social network presence, to visit your social networking web sites, and to share their experience with other visitors to your web site once they have logged in to chat.

Activate the Facebook and Twitter icons, and configure the click-through links for the icons, by logging into your ParaChat service administration area.  Once you have activated this feature, simply refresh the ParaChat user interface in your web browser to view the icons, and test that the click-through links point to your Facebook and Twitter pages.  Set-up details are found in this Knowledgebase article.

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