Friday, January 18, 2013

Five Buck Fridays in ParaChat Social Networks

January 2013 arrived in a festive fashion as the world exhaled a collective sigh of Mayan apocalyptic relief.  Given the world-wide, post-fiscal cliff economic uncertainty that dominates the mainstream and alternative media alike, and the feedback from our customers, potential customers and users, we will be periodically offering special discounts on some of our services and features.

Some of the special discounts will be above and beyond the usual discounts we extend via our Coupon Code page.  In other cases, we will be highlighting existing discounts.  The discounts will be posted on Fridays in what we've decided to call "Five Buck Fridays".  As the term alludes, the discounts will be US$5.00 off of an existing service level or fee-based option, or some multiple of US$5.00 off of our high-end enterprise service levels.

The special discounts will not be posted on our web site or on our Coupon Code page.  Instead, the discounts will extended via our Facebook and Twitter pages as regular status updates.  Some of the discounts will be available only on the Friday on which they are posted, and some will be available on an ongoing basis, but only referenced on Fridays.  As such, potential customers will have an opportunity to scan back through our social network timelines to see if there is a special discount for the service they are seeking to purchase.  We hope you have an opportunity to take advantage of them!

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