Friday, January 25, 2013

Five Buck Friday Highlights ParaChat LiveHelp Chat Software

There is nothing more important as a service provider of any kind than to provide customer support that exceeds customer expectations.  Having a Contact Us page on your web site that includes an email address, physical address and a phone number are obvious considerations, but are of limited use to customers.  Adding a toll-free number certainly serves to increase the willingness of customers to directly seek out information from a live person about your products and services.  The best way to give your web site visitors the help they want, no matter whether they are existing customers, potential customers, or drive-by visitiors, is through instant live chat directly with your representatives.

Live help chat isn't just what visitors to your web site want.  It's what they need, and, more importantly, what they expect.  How many times have you walked into a brick-and-mortar store, or visited an online store front, desperate for assistance?  How many times was no employee available to help you, or was present but otherwise engaged with other customers?  Is that how you would run a successful business, no matter whether you have a physical store front or an online presence?  No, it's not.  When we added live help chat to our own web site, we saw a multi-fold increase in visitor engagement as well as revenue.  Now you can too with ParaChat LiveHelp.


ParaChat LiveHelp was born not only from our own company's need to add instant live help chat to our site, but also due to the natural draw that our site content has for that type of software.  ParaChat originally licensed only community-style group chat software.  As the volume of live help chat inquiries rose, especially in the 2010's, it became obvious that there was a real demand for reasonably-priced live help chat software from a reliable application service provide like ParaChat.  Our answer to that demand was ParaChat LiveHelp.  Don't take our word for it.  Try it for yourself free for 15 days, with no contract or commitment to continue, and we'll give you another recurring "Five Buck Friday" $5.00 off of our standard license fee if you decide to continue offering this service to your visitors thereafter.


Learn more about ParaChat LiveHelp, visit the documentation, and review the price list before requesting a free evaluation.  Instead of yet another sale slipping through your fingers, put more revenue in your hand!

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