Sunday, January 20, 2013

Firefox blocking Java as vulnerable plugin

In the stalwart effort to save users from malware threats, users with the latest version of Mozilla Firefox using the latest version of Java may see an alert image display in place of the ParaChat Java chat room client.  The alert image may say:  This plugin has security vulnerabilities.  Click here to activate the Java(TM) Platform SE 7 U plugin

When you have decided that the ParaChat Java chat room client is indeed safe for your computer, you may quickly and easily proceed past this alert to start chatting.  One method to temporarily activate the Java plugin is to simply click the Click here to activate... text in the alert image itself. Once you click that location, you will see the ParaChat Java chat room load normally after you choose to Run it.

If you would like to prevent this plugin alert from displaying again for the site you are visiting, click what looks like a red Lego(TM) piece next to the location bar of your web browser.  Pull down the menu next to Activate All Plugins and select Always activate plugins for this site.

Once selected, the plugin alert will not display for subsequent visits to that site. Users fearful of running the ParaChat Java chat client may wish to choose to log into the ParaChat Flash chat client or ParaChat Mobile chat client instead.

For more information and screenshots, please visit this Knowledgebase article and watch the video.

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