Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Easily enable and disable Java for all web browsers

When Oracle released Java 7 Update 10, they presciently improved the ability to universally enable and disable Java content in the web browser.  In earlier versions of Java, one had to manually enable and disable Java using the add-on or plug-in manager of each individual web browser.  Embarking upon that task periodically is no heavy burden.  But considering the onslaught of Java vulnerabilities in the wild with seemingly every new Java update, end-user recourse may be found by enabling Java only on an as-needed basis for Java apps they know and trust.

With Java 7 Update 10, and subsequent updates, the end-user can easily enable and disable Java from their computer's Java Control Panel.  The Security tab of the Java Control Panel includes a check box option to make the process manageable.  For more information, please watch the Video Tutorial and read the Article in our Knowledgebase.

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